Communication: Should it be with Passion or Emotion ?

Communication: Should it be with Passion or Emotion ?


Communication, All you need is speaking with passion, not much of emotions

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“Unsurpassed leaders are those who are effective in communication and are efficaciously able to combine the right amount of passion with emotion in their speeches.”

A perfect intermingling of emotions and information in a speech is as important as putting the right amount of salt in a dish while preparing it just like a Specialist. One need to be careful while putting just the right amount of salt in a dish. Too much of emotions in a speech is like dumping in a whole container of salt- It’ll be the only thing which everyone is going to notice and they won’t want you to finish.

If we ensure that there is a perfect blend of emotions and information then our speech is definitely going to be an effective and passionate communication in corporate world.

  • Not letting the passion overshadow the content. 

    It is good to be vibrant and animated while delivering a speech, but we need to make sure that our words are not overshadowed by intense emotions.

  • Being thoughtful with gesticulations. 

    It is good to walk around the stage and use hand gestures while speaking in the public but being too emotional about the topic would actually lead the speaker to cumbersome and distract the audience with his/her hand gestures.

  • Using a prevailing (Not loud) Voice. 

    It is very important for a speaker to use a clear and commanding voice (Not a brash and booming voice) as it can come across as though you are yelling at the audience.

  • Keeping a balanced tone. 

    If a speaker uses a high-energy, zealous voice the entirety of the speech, the audience can become overwhelmed. Don’t lose their attention and incorporate calm and constructive “valleys” that will emphasize the speaker’s important, passionate “crests.”

  • Staying on target. 

    It is very easy for an energized and excited speaker to derail from their subject. Try staying on a target to effectively get your point across.


“When you’re too emotional, your voice becomes sharp, and you end up shouting at your audience. They’ll hear you, but they won’t be listening.”

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